Card War: Game of Death (v4.1)

The card war has started and the game of death begins...
'Card War: Game of Death' is a monster-card-game with an AI-Enemy.

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Hosted by the Scirra Arcade

Rules of the game:
Only one monster-card is drawn each turn. Every third turn a second card is drawn, which can be a Boost-, a (Total-)Death-, a Vampire or an Instant-Attack-Card.
Left-Click on a card to play it.

A monster-card will boost your Attack and Defense and it can attack the enemy.
A Boost-Card will boost the AT or DEF of your active monster for one turn.
The Instant Attack Card will let your monster attack in first turn.
The Death Card will destroy the enemy monster, while the Total-Death card will destroy every monster on the field.
The Vampire-Card lets you absorb 1 HP from the enemy.

Only one monster can be active.
Left-Click on your active monster, to let it attack.
When your Attack-Value is higher or same as the enemys Defense-Value and you let your monster attack, the enemys HP will get damaged and his monster will be destroyed.
A monster must be at least one turn active on the table, before it can attack.
You can change your monster-card one time in each turn, when you don't have an active monster-card in the field.

Card War as Steam workshop-object for "Wallpaper Engine"